Freight Elevator

Freight Elevator

Freight elevators are typically larger and capable of carrying heavier loads than a passenger elevator, generally from 2,300 to 4,500 kg capacity. Freight elevators may have manually operated doors, and often have rugged interior finishes cab (which called enclosure) to prevent damage while loading and unloading.

Schmidt freight elevator technology will be brought into the design, the application of the most advanced microcomputer control technology to achieve the most convenient intelligent operation. Coupled with high hardness material, so that freight ladder into a set of intelligent and practical as one of the high-efficiency cargo assistants.

More technology, more economical. Schmidt series freight elevator optimized design of the car spacious and bright, economical and practical so that the transport of goods convenient and quick, with a safe and reliable, smooth operation, heavy load, and another excellent character. In the factories, warehouses, shopping malls, shopping centers, libraries, and other different environments, can meet customer needs, is the best freight tools. More about freight elevator:

We manufacture and supply an extensive range of Freight Elevator which is used for transporting heavy goods quickly and safely. The Freight Elevator offered by us is precision-engineered to meet freight handling requirements in various industries. Our Freight Elevators are known for their high load-bearing capacity, durability, flexibility, and ease of use. We offer these Freight Elevators at the market-leading price from us.

Freight Elevator Are Suitable For

1. Warehouses

2. Industrial manufacturing plants

3. Shopping complexes

4. Factories

Available In Type Of Door

1. Collapsible

2. Folding

3. Sliding

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Freight Elevator
Freight Elevator
Freight Elevator