Construction Hoist

Construction Hoist


At GEDA we know that construction-site safety is of the utmost importance. That is why our temporary construction elevators are designed and assembled to adhere to all industry standards and safety requirements and undergo a series of rigorous and extensive testing.

GEDA’s construction hoist modular design offers several optional cabs lengths, and vary in load-bearing capacity, maximum lifting heights and lifting speeds.

Product Safety Features:

1. Enclosed cars and base enclosures

2. Overspeed safety device - self-manufactured, tested, and certified by a leading certification organization

3. Un-counterweighted design

4. Overload sensors

5. Variable Frequency Drive for a smooth start and stop

6. Mechanical and electrical interlock door system

7. Multiple safety mechanical and electrical limit switches

8. High-strength steel structural components

9. Hot dipped galvanized steel and corrosion resistant powder coating finish

10.Communication system

Construction Hoist
Construction Hoist
Construction Hoist