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Over the years, the AR-RAAFI ELEVATOR has evolved from one product (Lift/Elevator) into multiple business entrepreneurs. Our diverse business includes fast-paced consumer products, food, and beverages, electrics, and electronics, online shops, information technology, etc. As a responsible corporate, it always pays full devotion to problems with corporate ethics, transparency, and accountability. It believes insetting exemplary values ​​of ethical standards ​​internally within the organization and in external relationships. It acknowledges that every person has different perspectives and skills towards the team and a robust team is usually established from different perspectives. It inspires people to dream, value differences, make and test opportunities, and realize sustainability through teamwork. Furthermore, it constantly upgrades new and better processes, products, services, and implement quality procedures in accordance with national and laws of the nations. Connect with the Trust!

Who we are

In 2008 AR-RAAFI ELEVATOR underway business journey with the extents of elevators, escalators, cargo lifts, and, passenger lifts, etc. In addition to our core business, numerous customers, associates, and well-wishers have inspired us in the field of information technology, food, beverage, export, import, and other phases alike. It is also notable to have marched with chemicals, leather, property solution, research, news, and media. The elevator is managed very professionally by the board of highly experienced and expert personnel that, leads to the best of the possibilities of exploring and branding to the society and people.

We have a rich structural philosophy that adds value in empowering people with a sense of respectfulness for each other. We also support strong corporate governance policies and procedures as well as the achievement of standards at all levels.

In addition to experiences, we emphasize new technologies, international communication, and human essentials. However, we create a smooth and concrete bridge between faith and services focusing on those areas where we believe we can transform experiences and ability into visualized realism. We always move forward with upright and quality efforts connecting people’s daily based demands.

Best Elevator Service Company in Bangladesh

Service is something that serves people meeting up the necessities. The professionalism and superior of our services reflect itself as excellence. We intents to be a trustworthy, long-life partner to all or any of our entities, with fast, secured, and committed services. As a socially responsible business, we believe that people are first and business, of course, afterward.  Our trained professionals are experts within the service of all elevator brands especially covering passenger elevator, factory elevator, cargo elevator, hospital elevator, freight elevator, construction hoist elevator, commercial elevator, and etc.

Through our quality, efficiency, service, and ongoing reputation, AR-RAAFI Elevator is being recognized because of the best elevator service company in Bangladesh. Taking service from the group would be such an experience taster that you simply will always recall and like to share with others. Business for the better Services, Business for the Better society!

Best Elevator/lift authorized dealer in Bangladesh

The significance of buying any products from an authorized dealer can't be denied. While unauthorized sellers have no relationship with the manufacturer, the manufacturer exerts no control over their pricing and the quality of the goods they sell. Thus, the consumer often falls at the risk of having purchased some below standard products and afterward services. Consumers simply should not such important and valuable products from an unauthorized seller.

Types of Lifts We Offer;

Different clients have different needs and different brands, products, or services. To the needs of the clients, AR-RAAFI ELEVATOR- offers various brands, products, and valid service schedules by maintaining excellent standards.  Some of the types of lift are below but are not limited;

1.      Home Lift

2.      Villa elevator

3.      Passenger Lift

4.      Observation Lift

5.      Capsule lift

6.      Factory Lift

7.      Hospital Lift

8.      Dumb-Waiter Lift

9.      Construction Hoist Lift

10.  Cargo /  Freight Lift

Our businesses include:

Our business portfolio includes a range of brands from elevator/lifts, Electric and electronic, food and beverage, export and import, Information and technology, online shop, etc. Most people know us through the brands we deal with. Our portfolio covers almost every lifts brand and categories’. Here is a sample of some of the brands;







Our Client Elevator's

Since its inception, the Group has been acclaimed by many purchasers, customers, vendors across the country. It’s our client-centric an ethical business operation that’s getting reliable by the diverse group day by day. Once a client is usually our partner! Our diverse client group includes and not limited to:

1.      Government Sector

2.      Private Sector

3.      Real estate & Construction

4.      Bank/Financial institution

5.      Power Plant

6.      NGO/Development Organization

7.      Residential Hotel

8.      Shopping Mall

Choose the type of Lift You Need

In the past, most lifts had to be controlled through a centralized machine room. Today, there are some lifts that don’t need a machine room because they have an inbuilt safety mechanism. Hence, there are four main types of elevators;

1.      Hydraulic

2.      Traction

3.      Machine-room-less

4.      Machine-room

5.      Vacuum

Business Mission

Conducting business with a sense of continuous improvement and exceed the clients' essentials and expectations getting through 24/7 services based; additionally to tangible innovation. Join a true mission!

Business Vision

Upholding clients’ loyalty and attain the customers’ satisfaction through providing high excellence of services as the top sustainable one. We’ll work tirelessly to secure your wants as always. Secure Satisfaction!

Management policies

The management policies include conducting all business in accordance with fair policies and procedures, always respecting law and order, and faithfully fulfillment all commitments to our customers, clients, employees, and shareholders. We abide by the principles as we foster conscience.

Business Values & Ethics

We are honest, open, ethical, and fair. Our business values and policies are:

Loyalty: Be Real; Be Loyal!

Innovativeness: Client value Creation!

Teamwork: We are One Team1

Quality: What we do, we do the best!

Diversity: As inclusive as our products & services!

Passion: Committed in heat and mind!

Sustainable: Support Sustainability

Company Structures

The group has a good structure that supports our production, strategy, and better communication. It also naturally creates an efficient and effective work the environment in view of smooth organizational operations. The structure of  the group includes and not limited to:

  •   HR and Administration
  •   Management
  •   Sales and Marketing
  •   IT Support Team
  •   Account & Finance
  •   Technical Support Team
  •   Logistic Department

Corporate Policies:

AR-RAAFI ELEVATOR’s board has set a guideline of policies to guard the rights of employees and therefore the interests of the company's business. This, in turn, provides direction to corporate policies and procedures, ensuring compliance with national laws. It also reduces liability, facilitates operation, provides a secure working environment, and ensures stability. Better policies, ensure better performances!

Group’s corporate strategies include:

  • Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Policy
  • Corporate Human Resource (HR) Policy
  • Corporate Environment Health & Safety (EHS) Policy
  • Green Initiatives
  • Sustainability


Name of the company


Managing Director

Md. Shaikat Talukder

Md. Golam Sarwar
Nature of Business

Elevator, Escalator, Moving Walk, Cargo Lift, Generator,

IT-Business, Research, Export & Import, Property Solution etc. 

Additional Business

Online shop, Agro Business, Beverage, Chemicals, Service, Leather, Technology.

Head Office

5/10 B, Block-A, Lalmatia, Mohammadpur, Dhaka-1207, Bangladesh.

Contact Details

Tele: +88-02-58156934, E-mail: 123@arraafielevator.com

Type of Company

Private Limited Company

Date of Establishment

10th January 2005

Date of Incorporation

25th January 2050

Organization Setup

Chairman, Managing Director, HR, and Administration,

Consultant, Management, Technicians, Other staffs

Total Number of Employee

200+ People

Products we deal with

Sigma Elevator, Gold star Elevator

Otis Elevator, Fuji Korea.


IT Service, Elevator sales & Service, Property Solutions

Negotiation, Shipping & Logistic supports


AR-RAAFI ELEVATOR- is understood for its dynamic working environment and that we believe that every employee is vital and therefore the key to our success. Keep in touch for new vacancies availability. For any queries, you may send your resume to career@arraafielevator.com

 Thank you for visiting us again!

Contact Us:


Head Office:

5/10B, Block- A Lalmatia, Mohammadpur Dhaka-1207


Email: info@arraafielevator.com

Phone: +88 01999-939220, +88 01711-432377

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AR-RAAFI Elevator

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Company Profile

We are pleased to introduce AR-RAAFI Elevator as one of the leading groups of business hubs based in Bangladesh. Our strength is fuelled by our experience, excellent dealings, effective communication, prompt services, and etc. Our vision gives us a sense of direction and destination which captures our aspiration of being the best in everything we fix.

Our dedication is to continuous innovation helping us follow new ideas and opportunities. Appropriate use of accessible resources, professionalism, and results-oriented approaches are keys to our business circle. As a responsible team, we often update our services and apply appropriate changes that are unsurpassed in terms of overall success. In addition, we strive to maintain a caring and supportive work environment throughout the year to develop skills.

Our goal is always to deliver clients with the desired quality products and advanced services. Accordingly, our goal is to accelerate our business and help sustainable business practices move forward effortlessly. These are our keys so that we can all become one group of companies.

We are looking forward to offer our services for a long and faithful relationship with you all.

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Corporate Office:

5/10B, Block- A Lalmatia, Mohammadpur Dhaka-1207


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Company Name: AR-RAAFI Elevator 

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